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Saviour of the west coast. Signed on Death Row Records.
Crooked I is ill playa
by big l July 20, 2003
1. Tight ass Long Beach, CA rapper.

2. A bottle of Malt Liquor.
1. "Absolutely, cats bring their gats to shoot me
I even watch all them rats actin goofy
Disguised as groupies, that's a doozy
What's that bulge under your shirt?
That's an uzi... excuse me"

2. "You got tha crooked i nigga?"
Irving,Texas ( In Dallas)
I'm represent that Crooked I
by Cherry October 02, 2004
Mutha truckin St. Ides, the King of all 40s. At 8.2% alcohol, this shit gets you crunked. Known as crooked I because of the zig zag shaped I behind the label.
I was throwin' up after two 40s of crooked I.
by 40oz Philosopher June 01, 2005
Slang term for Indianapolis, Indiana (See also, the 317, or Naptown)
You representing the crooked I?
by poliscigrrl February 15, 2005

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