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1920's big-city term when mobsters refered to their tommy guns as "pianos" Al Capones and Bugs Morans gangs went to the mattresses with their chicago pianos.
old lady: what do you gentlemen have in those cases, violins?
mobster: no ma'am their our pianos, and we get paid well for playing them
by BIG J February 03, 2005
NWA, ECW and WWF wrestler who reinvented the suplex (or Tazzplex). One of the more innovative and impressive mat wrestlers of all time.
From the Red Hook Section of Brooklyn, New York - weighing 248 pounds, he is the Human Suplex Machine - THIS IS TAZZ!
by Big J August 14, 2004
Talons as in Black Talons, one of the most infamous types of hollow point ammunition.
As in 50-Cent's "In Da Hood":

Now homie, you better get to know me better
Before you be bleedin' pints of blood into Iceberg sweater
When the talons come flyin' up out the beretta
by Big J March 09, 2004
Simply known as a woman's vagina
"I pumped that cock chute raw last night."
by Big J December 17, 2004
To ejaculate into ONE of a persons eyes, causing them to scream "Arrgh" just like a pirate.
After I gave that ho the pirates eye she started crying. Cum and tears are a great mix.
by Big J November 14, 2004
Inexpensive low quality marijuna. Based on the slang regs
I got the Reggie Millers
by Big J November 14, 2004
A soul-less individual whose only purpose in life is to play dirty tricks and pranks on unsuspecting victims. Little is known about him or his origins, other than the fact that he bears a resemblance to the dancing guy in the six flags commercials.
Dude,my coke tastes like a diet coke.

And my diet tastes like a regular!

Hey, what the fuck, that guy in the corner is laughing like he's actually enjoying this, what a fucking Trickster.
by Big J January 08, 2005
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