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What people say when they give up at something out of frustration
Mom:Don't worry timmy, you'll learn to ride the bike soon enough.

Timmy:Fuck this shit!! I give up!
by Big LJ October 05, 2006
A crooked bastard who owns ebaum's world and makes millions off of stolen flash games and short cartoons. Sites like albino blacksheep, something awful, and YTMND have joined forces to try and get his site erased. He's also hated by 99 out of 100 people.
eric bauman=gayest faggot in the world
by Big LJ August 20, 2006
somebody who answers when you yell "hey dumbass!"
mean person:hey dumbass!

by Big LJ October 16, 2006
the word nigga is not a racist word, nigga means ignorant motherfucker, anybody of any race can be an ignorate motherfuck.
nigga: Can i ask you something?

guy:no, shut up nigga.
by Big LJ December 02, 2006
really retarded reject
That re re re always sits in that corner alone.
by Big LJ August 12, 2006
to assassinate
im gunna shock on you
by Big LJ August 26, 2006
Somebody who defines words like retard, dumbass, or idiot in the urban dictonary as "somebody who looks up ____ in the urban dictonary"
I am a smartass writing the same dumbass joke on the urband dictionary!!
by Big LJ August 13, 2006

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