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ignorate (IG-nuh-reyt)

1. to render ignorant.

2. to erase knowledge of.

ignorator, ignorater, noun
ignorative, adjective
ignorativity, noun
1. Even as late as 2007, contrary to GW Bush's own rare direct denials, and yet most assuredly by design as evidenced by his innumerable juxtapositions of the two, a majority of US citizens continued to believe Iraq's Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks, demonstrating the mainstream media's profound power to ignorate the populace.

2. Waking hungover and humiliated, Jane ignorated the previous night's embarrassing escapades, seeking refuge in blackout.
by Mason Tromblee September 21, 2007
12 2
To actively ignore the facts. Someone who's ignorant will understand if you just give them the facts, but someone who ignorates will either put their fingers in their ears and shout "THE WORLD IS FLAT!" or make up other "facts" that conveniently support what they believed to begin with.
Sheri Sheppard doesn't know whether the world is round. She must have ignorated pretty hard.
by LogicalDash September 19, 2007
3 5