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Fusion of Bastard and retard clearly meaning Retarded Bastard
Jeese why is Elo being such a batard to me
by Ben Scott February 02, 2004
An exceptionally clueless person. Popularized by Scott Adams's "Dilbert".
That induhvidual didn't even know what brand of computer he was using.
by Ben Scott May 22, 2003
The common greeting of nerds..fusion of Hmmm and Hello
Hmmmlo yall
by Ben Scott February 02, 2004
Fusion of Fuck and Retard clearly meaning Fucking Retard
Ewok is such a fucktard when he talks to girls
by Ben Scott February 02, 2004
When one pulls the foreskin together and urinates, releasing no urine, then, when the time is right, releasing his load on the world. Common among ice hockey players and people from Texas.
Look guys, look what I can do. I dropped th bomb.
by Ben Scott October 14, 2003
A small furry creature that is often Highly intelligent yet sexually inadequate
I heard ewok topped math..i also heard he was done fucking Jenny in 3 min
by Ben Scott February 02, 2004
If it's your Hairbag then it rocks your world like nothing else of it's sort.
'she's well my hairbag'!

something can more often than not be...'not my hairbag'.

Hairbag is one of the best, most descriptive words known to man.
by Ben Scott April 06, 2004
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