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KILF = Keif I'd like to find. A KILF hunter is someone so broke, that when they want to smoke some bud they have to hunt through every old baggy, every crevice around their car, and in their bed as well as other awkward places to find some shake. No one wants to admit to hunting KILF, but it happens... and hopefully it doesn't happen to you.
Nigga you so broke you've become a KILF hunter just to blaze. Get a fuckin job!
by Barry Newark December 14, 2009
A sexual position in which the female bends over and grabs her toes while the male straddles her from in front of her legs. The male must wrap his arms around the women's entire body. His hands should be able to meet around her back.
Yo nigga, did you hear about Theirry and Clarissa?!! Theirry gave her the hammer toe so hard she broke her pelvic bone. Now her waist looks like tapioca!!!
by Barry Newark July 23, 2009
When you take your laundry out of the dryer right when its finished so its really hot and when you fold ur clothes and sweat really hard. Used in a derogatory sense.
Bro you're a fuckin pile of hot laundry!
by Barry Newark November 14, 2012

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