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Molding or forming a rectum surgically; plastic surgery on the rectum.

A requirement for many aging gays and nonassertive blue collar workers with aggressive managers.
That's one ugly ass! If it were mine, I'd go in for an analplasty.
by BandV August 30, 2006
A body of imagined events, some real but mostly not, related to sexual release.

The fiction that explains how all men are the universe's greatest lovers ever, how all women are the best thing these men will ever have and how some brief few seconds in a life can consume so much energy and time trying to recreate a body spasm. Explains how 4" become 6", how dogs become beautiful and Darwinism.
They both awoke at the same time out of the drunken stupor that had brought them together, mouths dry and pastey, blinking to clear pus filled eyes while one word burned like a 1 Watt light bulb from one hundred million light years away: Orgasmythology
by BandV August 29, 2006
A UD contributing asshat that hasn't read the rules, can't spell, can't string a group of words together in a coherent fashion and scares the hell out of UD editors who sometimes try to imagine how someone so blatantly moronic can survive.
Yet another asshatard entry was rejected by the UD editors.
by BandV September 06, 2006
A religion based on sexual release. A recent evolutionary step in religion proceeded and caused by the media's (and our) preoccupation with looking good (better to look good then be good. See Orgasmythology). In it's simpliest form, it has a congregation of one followed in complexity by 4 or more. But, by far, it reaches it's zenith in meaning (complexity) and popularity (lemmings) in congregations of 2. Governed by the Penile Code, it has an entirely different interpretation of many of the ancient tales then all other religios texts.

He received his Doctorate in Orgastheology at the age of 12 (with a little help from the Sears Catlog lingerie section).
by BandV August 29, 2006
The study of instance, particularly as it relates to the concept of Instant Water. What Instant Oatmeal was to the 20th Century Instant Water will be to new millennium.

The creation of something from seemingly nothing. Shades of ex nihilo, magic even.
When I go to college, I want to study Instantology
by BandV August 29, 2006
A small found object, usually small pieces of junk metal, gifted as a token of friendship. Often thought of as friendship flair.
As a token of friendship, Bob gave Sarah glunk.
by BandV August 30, 2006

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