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A body of imagined events, some real but mostly not, related to sexual release.

The fiction that explains how all men are the universe's greatest lovers ever, how all women are the best thing these men will ever have and how some brief few seconds in a life can consume so much energy and time trying to recreate a body spasm. Explains how 4" become 6", how dogs become beautiful and Darwinism.
They both awoke at the same time out of the drunken stupor that had brought them together, mouths dry and pastey, blinking to clear pus filled eyes while one word burned like a 1 Watt light bulb from one hundred million light years away: Orgasmythology
by BandV August 29, 2006
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Better to feel good than to look good.
The concept of orgasmythology is the belief that if you and someone else are stuck on an island you wouldn't give a fuck about lip-stick or hair-cuts, you'd just want to fuck all the time.
by cock-ninja August 29, 2006
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