21 definitions by Balls

When a man wears a thong/g-string backwards.
Chris pulled out the 'ole' froggy eyes again; we just couldn't believe it was done at the bank.
by Balls October 29, 2004
Ball licker, going down.
"Hey ballicker, You go down? Teabagger!
by balls November 03, 2003
When a guy sets fire to his loved-one's pubic hair, just prior to ejaculation, then pulls out and extinguishes the flames with semen before they result in a 'scorched earth' type situation.

Good method of contraception, who really wants to remain inside with a burning bush pressed against their stomach?
Him: Hold on honey, i'll have that out in no time.
by Balls March 24, 2004
i backspaced all over robs guitar
by balls October 06, 2003
New term for girl's panties. Cause that's what they cover, dumbass.
"Wear those pink panties I like."
"Ew! I hate that word."
"Fine. Wear those pink vagina covers I like."
by Balls November 19, 2004
green teeth sluts that lie and think they can get any guy that they want(but they cant cuz their ugly little fuckers)
EL is a vixxon
by Balls May 28, 2004
A new term to define girl's asses/dumpers. Verb.
"Man, that girls ass is GOURMET!"
"Dude, get your hands off my girlfriend's gourmet ass."
"I'd like to slip a finger down that girls crack. Gourmet."
by Balls November 14, 2004
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