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4 definitions by BadboyBill

1. My favorite band.
2. See 'original,' 'visionary,' or 'undefinable.'
I am going to see The Mars Volta on April 17 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Even though they will probably be booed by all the moronic yuppie MTV clones in attendance, I am sure that their show will be mindblowing...
by BadboyBill April 01, 2004
241 113
1. Having an activity or pursuit intentially/unjustly hindered or prevented by someone else. Also see "jammed up."
"I would have made it to the NFL if I hadn't been jammed up by my High School coach."
by BadboyBill April 01, 2004
26 30
1. Unreasonably expensive.
1. I wanted to go to the concert last weekend, but the tickets were pretty salty.
by BadboyBill April 21, 2004
15 28
1. A person's hair or hairstyle.
Pete Rose has some of the worst lettuce on the planet.
by BadboyBill April 02, 2004
47 307