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2 definitions by BadDogNoBiscuits

A retarded way to say the abbreviation for DDR, often used with, "73H 1337 d00dz 0n 73H f0rumz"
MetalJacketFreak: "omg didder is teh best gaem evar"
ThisGameSucks: "You need a hobby, dipshit."
by BadDogNoBiscuits September 30, 2003
Abbreviation for the game RollerCoaster Tycoon, a game for stupid retards that allows you to manage a theme park and watch your guests hurl and ride the same rollercoasters again.
IMGAY Auto Away Message: "LOLOLOL RCT YO"
MudPie: "I never knew why I was friends with you in the first place."
by BadDogNoBiscuits September 30, 2003