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A phrase used to describe the agonizing frustration of realizing that you did something you regret, and wanting to do it differently but realizing it after-the-fact. This typically occurs about 5 minutes later but the realization of such can occur years later...
Looking back in fucking retrospect, I realized that cute girl didn't want to know the time: she was actually interested in me!
by Babo Sang Pyo December 04, 2005
A man who knowingly or unknowingly has an affair with a woman who has a boyfriend or a husband. He is known as "The Other Man".
Man, did I feel bad when I found out she had a boyfriend in New York! I hate feeling like the Other Man!
by Babo Sang Pyo December 03, 2005
Someone at a party who is essentially useless in terms of starting or maintaining a conversation in a group, interacting with others or providing any form of noticeably positive interaction. However, they help to give a party mass and so are like fodder.
Fred: "That party was alright, but what's up with Alice? She barely talked or did anything!"
James: "Yeah man, she's total party fodder."
by Babo Sang Pyo October 27, 2007
The opposite of fun.
My date last night was horrible! No matter what I suggested, she just didn't want to do anything! She was so antifun!
by Babo Sang Pyo October 30, 2005
To really be attracted to someone (used mostly in the sexual sense). Hard represents the symbolic state of a man's erect phallus caused by that person.
1. Man, ever since they met at the party last week, Joe has it really hard for Hyun Ju.
2. Damn! I have it hard for the girl wearing that pink sweater!
3. For the longest time, he had it hard for Jessica until he met Cindy.
by Babo Sang Pyo December 16, 2005
A variant of the word owned, where the J is simply added in front of "owned" (the J is used when trying to imitate a Jamaican). Mostly used in video games.
"Hey Sam, guess what? I just Jowned that guy in the jeep with my zero! He never knew what hit him."
by Babo Sang Pyo September 15, 2005
A negative phenomenon where foreigners who go to Asia try to look like ancient Japanese Samurai by growing their hair to long lengths, and tying it in a bun at the back (possibly with a lock or two of hair loose for shock affect). They do this because they are confused about their own identity and are actually shallow enough to think that you can become something in complete essence by merely duplicating what it looks like. It is also generally accompanied by growing aesthetically repulsive amounts of stubble with a smile/sneer and *I'm cool attitude*.
Man I can't believe that clown! He comes walking into here looking like a Samurai Wannabee and actually managed to pick up that chick! That guy is such a fake!
by Babo Sang Pyo December 13, 2005

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