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4 definitions by BaByFly

High end, expensive, bourgeoisie.
Damn, you stupid!!! You look A10!
by BaByFlY December 03, 2009
13 2
When something is awesome, great, tasty, fresh, off the chain.

To refer to any Oscar Mayer brand product when describing how great it tastes/looks: "This Lunchable is Oscar wild!"

To refer to something in a positive manner: "That's Oscar wild!"

To describe how things are going in a positive manner: "Today is Oscar wild!"
Person 1: "How's it going?

Person 2: "Man, it's going Oscar wild!"

"Damn, that sandwich looks Oscar wild!"

"Your new car stereo sounds Oscar wild!"

Person 1: "Have you heard the song Beamer, Benz, or Bentley by Lloyd Banks?"

Person 2: "Yeah! That song is Oscar wild!"

Person A: “How’d you do on the exam?”

Person B: “Oscar wild. You?”

Person A: “Damn. Not THAT good.”
by BaByFlY May 06, 2010
7 1
1) To be under the influence of alcohol.

2) To be lightly drunk, or in the process of getting drunk.
I'm about to get Tip50 y'all!
by BaByFly June 15, 2011
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Bluetooth Sext, Bluetooth Sexting

To send suggestive text messages back and forth using any form of Bluetooth. Common among young to middle-aged professionals.

Commonly used in acronyms such as:

-BTDTS: Bluetooth Down To Sext

-BT/A/S/L: Bluetooth/Age/Sex/Location
1) Do you want to BT Sext?

2) We BT Sexted alll night!!!!

3) I'm about to BT Sext y'all!

4) That girl is TOTALLY BTDTS!
by BaByFly June 15, 2011
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