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Elf I'd like to fuck.
Man...that Ernie Keebler is one hot eilf.
Uncle I'd like to fuck.
Now that's an uilf!
Shut your fuckin' face uncle fucker!
Indian I'd like to fuck.
Oh Squanto! You're such an iilf!
The result of anal sex with someone who hadn't wiped very well. Usually accompanied by vomit.
Frosted dirty assholes?...and vomit? Sweet god, why?!
by BUNGHOLIO: Lord of the Harvest September 21, 2009
When you're fucking your girl missionary and immediately roll her over and stick it in her ass while singing "Never Gonna Give You Up".
Steve: "I rickrolled my gf last night and she's had the diarrhea all day."

Mike: "You don't have a girlfriend, faggot!"
by BUNGHOLIO: Lord of the Harvest February 02, 2009
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