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you know everyone is doing it
by youtouchmytralala October 15, 2007
Indian I would like to fuck
Baily or Ridgley are prime IILFs
by Kate January 11, 2005
Indian I'd like to fuck.
Oh Squanto! You're such an iilf!
IILF (noun)

-definition: Indian I'd Like to Fuck

-definition proper:
A woman of Indian descent that I would rather enjoy having a physical relationship with for a few minutes or substantially longer (not to exceed 3 hours).

phonetic sp: "ILL-LL-PFHFF"

origination:of english origin (San Jose/Silicon Valley); 21st century - circa 2011;

Danny! Danny!
Is that the IILF train I hear ?
Why, Yes it is!
Better hurry up!
You do not want to miss it!
by 77worldwide January 25, 2011

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