Top Definition
Elf I'd like to fuck.
Man...that Ernie Keebler is one hot eilf.
An Ex I'd Like To Fuck
Man look at my eilf she is smoking ,yeah I bet you sure would like to give her a hard fucking again.
by The Hill August 29, 2007
Eyeball I'd Like to Fuck
Guy: "You have two great eilfs there"
Girl: "What? AHHH!!! Me Ojo!"
by Cbiwolfe July 27, 2006
Acronym meaning Ewok id like to fuck
guy 1: dam that's one hot Ewok

guy 2: Dude that's a Eilf
by jobflobadobYob December 01, 2010
Emo I'd Like to Fuck
Florian: Dayum, Alissa White-Gluz is one hellofa fine emo.

Megan: One might say she's an EILF...

Florian: Yes, one might if they were as brilliant and clever as you. You know what YOU are Megan? A Megan I'd like to fuck, no THE Megan I'd like to fuck.
by GuesWho7767587 April 27, 2009
Eilf - Emo I Like to Fuck
Damn I would eilf her.
by BlackDevil August 14, 2006
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