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1 definition by BOBOOOOO!!!!!

A Corporate Scandal waiting to happen. A Company where the level ones took advantage of all the LOD's and took breaks when ever they wanted for as long as they wanted to. Also a company where level ones got STLs and LODs fired. Apparently because of some "stash" Or where weird initials would appear everywhere like.... EMG, BMB and CMS and the word OWWWWWWWW was a legacy. And breaking Merchandise/ Store property is a hard habit to break. And being Fett was cool.
Yea Fuck target that place sucks ass! STL Jerry is a fuckin red neck and LOD Rich is a fuckin FAG! Joette that head case bitch! STILL GOT THE COMPANY BY THE BALLS SINCE 2002!
by BOBOOOOO!!!!! October 26, 2004
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