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6 definitions by BLAKEY

Adj: Cool, Awesome, something that is incredible.

Name: Leroy Mackinstyle, a commonly misunderstood but very deep and sometimes wacked up dude.
Dude, that is so mackinstyle!

Leroy Mackinstyle is back in style.
by Blakey February 06, 2005
it is in fact the area between the pussy and the bum hole.

and for a man it is called a geesh
oohhh my geesh needs plucking
by BLAKEY April 09, 2004
anther term for willy
slip her a man dog
by Blakey May 05, 2004
a wannis is a cross between a wanker and a loser.
shut up you wannis
by BLAKEY April 09, 2004
thrape is to wank in a back hand motion
David stop thraping
by BLAKEY April 09, 2004
When your nuts stick to the inner theigh and start to sweat alot
Yo my balls be gettin swampy from workin out in this mad heat all day
by blakey November 24, 2004