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Someone who talks on Alliance chat and is constantly ignored.
Dietard: Anyone want to get a group going?
Dietard: Anyone want to got to TOI?
Dietard: Should I +5 my Evil Spirits?
Dietard: WTB +4 Evil Spirits
Dietard: Hey Guys
Dietard: Whats up?
Dietard: Anyone here?
Dietard: Anyone got a group going?
Dietard: WTS B Crystals
Dietard: Hello?
by BKs April 05, 2005
Little cars that members of Five Iron Frenzy lit on fire and drove around. They may or may not be made of legos. "Pootermobile" also tells of a very important part of Reese Roper's life.
Dah Dah Dahhhhh Dah Dah....


::wild cheers::
by BKS April 21, 2004
A liquid used in cleaning products.

Glass cleaner is an example.
The ammonia hurt my eyes after the Windex was sprayed.
by BKS May 22, 2006
Meeting up with someone you matched with on Tinder. However they are the not the person you expect and end up being twice your age with no front teeth.
John: Met up with a match from Tinder the other day
Ben: What was she like?
John: He was 50 and was wearing his birthday suit. It was a Tinder Surprise alright!
by BkS December 02, 2013

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