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A term used to describe an annoyingly loud and unusually large cannister muffler installed on an automobile. The described is usually seen at the rear of the vehicle. Typically seen on Asian automobiles, although rare sightings have been seen also to be installed on a domestic vehicle. The owner is a self-proclaimed "tool" who just needs to "cut that shit".
Hey, did you just see that fart muffler on that car?
Dude, why did you get that "gay" fart muffler?
#coffee can #muffler #pipe #exhaust #zoomies
by BBRX8 October 31, 2009
Commonly used to tell someone to stop doing something that for whatever reason, is obnoxious, to us, the rest of the viewing public.
I can't believe you did that to your car man, you need to cut that shit. (as he looks at his buddies annoyingly loud and crass "fart muffler")
#gay #bad #horrible #awful #stop
by BBRX8 October 31, 2009
Someone who is defined as being either a cocksucker or a motherfucker, just with alot more emphasis.
That Tiger, he's a real cocksucker motherfucker for cheating on his wife.
#asshole #cunt #dumbass #cock #ass
by BBRX8 December 08, 2009
A term used to describe an unusually large automobile that takes up the whole road. Inherently, used to describe many automobiles that are of domestic in nature, and of the 70's. Word is not used much with today's automobile. Close in terminology description to to calling a car a "boat".
Bob's charger is such a maui.
#huge #massive #big #lumbering #boat
by BBRX8 October 31, 2009
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