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The act of holding toilette paper over the rectum while passing gas in a public restroom stall in order to conceal the noise of flatulating.
Because the ladies room was full, Erin used a fart muffler to conceal her true intentions in the stall.
by SKN December 08, 2006
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A term used to describe an annoyingly loud and unusually large cannister muffler installed on an automobile. The described is usually seen at the rear of the vehicle. Typically seen on Asian automobiles, although rare sightings have been seen also to be installed on a domestic vehicle. The owner is a self-proclaimed "tool" who just needs to "cut that shit".
Hey, did you just see that fart muffler on that car?
Dude, why did you get that "gay" fart muffler?
by BBRX8 October 31, 2009
Underwear, undergarments.
Do you smell that? I betcha his fart muffler is stained.
by victorzulu November 27, 2010
an acronym for ass or butt or booty
dude, keep your fart muffler out of my face
by SAN2LAX March 08, 2005

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