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11 definitions by B.

Turned a golden, crispy brown due to heating a delcious bowl of weed.
Sweet Jesus am I toasted!
by B. March 02, 2003
Subgenre of metal that is mostly characterized by heavier detuned riffing and complex rhythmic compositions diversifying itself outside the blast beat ridden thrash metal predecessors. Vocals changed over from the raspy throaty vocals of thrash to gutteral roars. Early influences include Hellhammer/Celtic Frost and Death (considered one of the first death metal bands). Later death metal bands incorporated detuning from standard tuning (for their guitars and bass guitars) for a heavier sound as well as influences from jazz/fusion for multiple time signature changes, start and stop tempo changes etc.
Suffocation, Detrimental, Crimson Thorn, newer Boltthrower
by B. January 25, 2004
Not being truthful
An UnTruthitude
That is a falsity your honor, she did not tell me I couldn't drive her car.
by B. November 15, 2003
1) Good ideas become even better when you set them on a backburner and ignore them until they just won't stand for it anymore. Delicious.

2) Mummy soup. Popular in late Victorian Egyptologist circles. Generally a side dish. Delicious.
Oy guv'ner, be a lad and pass a sup of brain stew, wot?
by B. March 13, 2005
the act of being false/fake
a falsity
Liars tell the best untruthitudes
by B. November 15, 2003
A kick-ass group of friends. Destroyers.
The Schfucco Brothers looked totally rippin' while they were whore-killing over Tony Jackaruso's head.
by B. October 21, 2003
Any word in Pharsi
mesh mesh mesh mesh mesh mesh mesh
translation: I know how to spell Pharsi.
by B. October 19, 2003