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The Gooey Cowgirl is a move after climax that the male does to his whore. After a long sexual experience, the guy pulls his dick out of her right before jizz-time, but he lets loose into a 10-gallon hat that he either has laying around, or had on his head while ramming his whore beforehand. Then, he proceeds to put the 10-gallon hat on her head, which almost always results with his jizz rolling down her face. Sometimes, after the hat is placed on her head, the girl is told to shout, "YEE HAW!!!"

The Gooey Cowgirl was birthed by Nick B. in Wilmington, Massachusetts during his junior year @ Wilmington High (Class of '07).
Whore: Oh baby, give me a Gooey Cowgirl, ooooh.
Guy: Yeah baby, yeah. Hopefully my load can all fit in the hat this time.
*Proceeds to give her a Gooey Cowgirl*
Whore: YEE HAW!!!
by B-RAM May 01, 2006
After sex, a guy ejaculates on the floor and makes the girl suck it up with a twirly straw.
Hoopa: Bitch, suck my load up with this twirly straw.

Girl: Indian, this is the tenth Twirly Straw Delight I've done for you this month.
by B-RAM June 06, 2007
An act of disrespect or initiation technique. You choose a guy that you totally hate, or someone who really wants to be part of your group of friends. In the middle of the night, he must be bound to his bed and gagged without his knowing. All of this is happening to him by at least three guys wearing suits -- minus any form of pants -- and different president masks on the faces of each. Then, the presidents proceed to fadonk the victim until they decide they're done...something that person will remember for the rest of his life.
Brander: "Dude, I think I got fadonked by five presidents last night in my bed, but I hope it was a dream..."
Mikey: "Actually, I heard some people planning a Presidential Smackdown for someone, so it definitely wasn't a dream...I'm sorry man."
by B-RAM April 20, 2007
Wario from Nintendo games. His moustache and Spanish-like tone all contribute to this popular nickname for the character.
Wario: It'sa me, DIRTY SANCHEZ!
by B-RAM June 06, 2007
The new way of saying "high five". It serves as a way to say, "hey yo" to friends, but includes rules. The rules: 1) When left hangin it is a "fumble", so anyone can steal it (after the person left hangin screams, "FUMBLE!"). 2) If you feel like being an asshole, or just feel like bringin some big defense into it, you can get an "interception" by basically putting your hand in the middle of some slappy happy that is goin on and stealing the slap from someone. The best defense is a combo move that takes electric hand speed; it could called both the “double interception” or “interception-fumble” because you hit both hands that are going for some slappy happy in less than 2 seconds. Slappy happy is extremely popular in high schools and colleges in both urban and suburban areas. Slappy happy is sweeping the world, and has been used on televsion in a Dunkin Donuts commercial. Slappy happy was birthed by Nick B. in Wilmington, Massachusetts during his sophomore year @ Wilmington High (Class of '07).
Nick: Hey son, gimme some slappy happy.
*Nick proceeds to collide hands with a friend, which almost always makes a painfully loud slap sound*
Friend: Ok yo, I'll see you around later.
by B-RAM April 18, 2006

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