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A large flab of crotch fat on a fat person
mcdonalds is like hoopa-ville
by mnhm hehehe December 03, 2010
Awesome ness who hooks coty up with tiggers
Yo hoopa totaly got putnam a date...4real?
by coty1891 April 13, 2011
The act of courting another person. Hoopa is commonly used in pairs "Hoopa Hoopa".
Stop hoopa hoopa in' up on my man.

I saw you Hoopa in' that bitch the other day.
by The Prophesa May 28, 2008
A female that has lots of casual anal sex.
I like hoopas. I strecth their anuses.
by GhostRider July 09, 2006
1.any person wearing a shirt (jersey or other), with a large number on the front. this person is not playing a sport, they are wearing their jersey (or other shirt) off the field.

2. a field hockey goalie
Allison was a hoopa as she stood by the net on the field-hockey field
by Mike4815162342 March 07, 2008

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