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To launch a high velocity male genitalia upon the cheek of the opposite sex.
I am about to fadonk that ho and brand her with my mark.
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
to bitch slap some1 with ur dong
bree got fadonked by the enormous dick and thats why shes blind now
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
when one takes his flacid cack and smackes it across the face of another... possibly leaving an indentation or some sort.
Jerome whipped his monsterous cack out of his "sean john" trousers and graciously fadonk'd oprah after learning that she had cheated on him with his own father.
by Skittles March 23, 2004
to be slapped in the face with someones long shlong
Tony fadonked Laura in the face and crusted her eyes shut
by ChristinaLauEileen June 12, 2003
Onomopoeia. A dong to the dome.
Margaret Thatcher fadonked Ronald Reagan and then he got Alzheimer's and died.
by suite 13 November 10, 2005
What Dan's dad does to him with the giant mexican cock.
Dan gets fadonked so much he has to wear a helmet
by The Greg June 11, 2004
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