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141 definitions by B

A term describing liberal use of sarcasm, hatred, flirting, etc.
Usually used when a person is "overdoing it" trying to make it very clear that they like/dislike someone
Dude1: hey, mike thinks u don't like him anymore
Dude2: oh really? took long enough cuz i been laying it on pretty fucking thick lately
by B March 31, 2005
ball and scrotum
you have a terrible lookin pair of aggots mate
by b September 20, 2003
n. A promiscuous female whose skin has an overly tan and weathered look.
That chick needs to stop tanning, she looks like a Florida skank.
by B January 07, 2004
A bunch of fun loving men who drink beer and smack random women's asses
The Culo Boys entered the Beer Garden and soon began to whack all the Culo in the joint...contrary to popular belief.
by B November 05, 2004
Coolest family around!
If your last name is "Biteng" you are very very lucky!!
by B December 11, 2003
Slang word for cocaine. Commonly used by coke heads.
Hey pass the reesh so i can rail another line.
by B December 03, 2003
"Interactive Qualifying Project." A major graduation requirement of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

According to the fairy tale description, it engages students in a meaningful experience that encourages them to use their technical background to solve a societal problem.

In reality, it usually takes the form of pointless drudgery or slave labor.

A complete waste of time, academic resources, and in some cases, money.
One's career at WPI can be divided into three time periods: The ignorant bliss that comes before the IQP, the void of darkness and misery that takes place during the project, and the indescribable happiness that one experiences upon its completion.
by B February 12, 2005