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v. unable to engage in intercourse because one or more of the object of desires female friends denied access by various actions.
I can't believe she clit blocked me like that.
by B January 07, 2004
A bunch of fun loving men who drink beer and smack random women's asses
The Culo Boys entered the Beer Garden and soon began to whack all the Culo in the joint...contrary to popular belief.
by B November 05, 2004
n. A promiscuous female whose skin has an overly tan and weathered look.
That chick needs to stop tanning, she looks like a Florida skank.
by B January 07, 2004
Coolest family around!
If your last name is "Biteng" you are very very lucky!!
by B December 11, 2003
ball and scrotum
you have a terrible lookin pair of aggots mate
by b September 20, 2003
Slang word for cocaine. Commonly used by coke heads.
Hey pass the reesh so i can rail another line.
by B December 03, 2003
a small suburb outside of philadelphia that's very estranged from the rest of civilized society. Most of the residents are either church attending staunch republicans with bush chaney stickers on their BMW SUV's, while the rest are Jews and Burn out druggies. There's lots of drugs...like...lots of drugs. The po9 are always out in full force, but they have no clue. You want zannies? perkaset? weed? hash? pcp? meth? coke? You got it! Come to good ole' Upper Dublin, home of the flying Cardinals. Ever wonder why it's the flying cardinals? Thats right-they're high...
Dude I need to get high, let's roll up in UD and get some shit for the weekend and then maybe we can drive around because theres nothing better to do
by B March 02, 2005

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