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The large masses of humanity that sit outside fast food chains because they have a craving for a cigarette. Usually their face has a grim pallor with assorted zits; some in zig zag formation. You can often see them blowing out smoke rings and talking with another piece of smoked pork about how their boyfriends left them dazed and confused resulting in long drawn out speeches about why their boyfriends left them dazed and confused.. repeat process.
Child: Daddy! Why is she tearing her hair out?

Father: Oh don't worry she's smoked pork, we don't associate our young children with them, now remember to cover your eyes!

Child (frustrated): Awh dad!
by AzzaCadabra April 12, 2010
After taking a painful shit you end up walking like a mummy and/or zombie in order to not upset your asshole.
Wife: Are you okay dear?

Typical guy/husband: Yeah but I just took a big Mummy Shit and it hurts so bad!

Wife: Pig.
by AzzaCadabra October 29, 2010
A woman on her PMS around Halloween.
Krueger: What are you going to dress up as?

Jason: I don't know if my girlfriend will let me leave, she's usually a tampire around Halloween.

Krueger: Haha, pussy.
by AzzaCadabra August 15, 2010
The aftermath of smelling the aroma of something vile. It's so bad that it makes you squint your eyes in disgust.
Joe: Damn bro! What's that rank smell?

Mike: I don't know man, but that's.. wow, that's squinty fresh.
by AzzaCadabra June 08, 2010
Diving face first into a pair of boobs. Occasionally you have to come up for air.
Jeff: Look at that guy go, he's got it on tonight.

Brad: Yeah he's gone booba diving, we won't be seeing him for a while.
by Azzacadabra February 12, 2013
A unique poo style. Half of the poo in the water and the other half on the bowl getting a tan.
"What's that smell?"

"Oh. I was busy laying one on the beach"

"I won't even ask"
by Azzacadabra August 18, 2012
Someone with the masturbation skill set to use either hand.
Haywood: Well last night I saw some neat lesbian porno. However, my hand was throbbing earlier from overdoing it with my right hand, so.. I had to use my left hand. I'm a Switch Stroker you could say.

Jablowme: ...Dude...
by AzzaCadabra September 24, 2010

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