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a Tampire is a Vampire that doesnt like hurting humans or animals... so in order to get the blood they need to survive, they suck the blood off of used tampons....
Gay guy 1: hey check out that Vampire... he's suckin' on a used tampon lol!!!

gay guy 2: lol!!! he must be a tampire!!!
by Ph8 April 23, 2004
A woman on her PMS around Halloween.
Krueger: What are you going to dress up as?

Jason: I don't know if my girlfriend will let me leave, she's usually a tampire around Halloween.

Krueger: Haha, pussy.
#angry #bitch #pms #halloween #vampire
by AzzaCadabra August 15, 2010
1. A guy or woman who enjoys eating women while on thier cycle. The woman who allows this to happen to her is considered a Trampire.
Guy is getting ready to go downtown, girl stops him "you don't wanna do that, um, it's that time of the month" Guy says "don't worry, I'm a Tampire"
#eat #oral sex #period #bloody bush #women #cycle #trampire #downtown
by Seth Hayes February 26, 2010
the plural form of tampire
a tampire and all his tampire friends all called tampires
by Ph8 April 30, 2004
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