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4 definitions by Axiom

Umtsa Umtsa, is an Israely slang for the base of the trance. (The booms).
It also meens stake in hebrew (Umtsa).
Shit faced dude: Bahh I am stoned!
Seconed frog: Oh, This Umtsa Umtsa rocks!
Jeasus: I am stoned like a mofo!
Tree: Leat me sleep!
by Axiom May 09, 2006
9 2
The uberrobin. a.k.a. cray0n. could we love her anymore? I didnt think so.
*** cray0n has joined #rave (u@h.t)
<1> robin!!
<2> nibor@@
<3> cray0n*$1$
<5> rawhb. ;)
by axiom September 05, 2003
7 5
losing ones cybervirginity. doing it for the first time over a text based medium.
<tabooli> now take off your pants
<tabooli> show the camera
<tabooli> get him harder!
by axiom October 18, 2003
2 3
'eh' is just the canadian translation of the american 'huh?' or more commonly heard, 'duh?'
'Whats the square root of thirty six thousand?'

-huh?- / -duh?-

would be translated to

by axiom September 05, 2003
4 25