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Umtsa Umtsa, is an Israely slang for the base of the trance. (The booms).
It also meens stake in hebrew (Umtsa).
Shit faced dude: Bahh I am stoned!
Seconed frog: Oh, This Umtsa Umtsa rocks!
Jeasus: I am stoned like a mofo!
Tree: Leat me sleep!
by Axiom May 09, 2006
The uberrobin. a.k.a. cray0n. could we love her anymore? I didnt think so.
*** cray0n has joined #rave (u@h.t)
<1> robin!!
<2> nibor@@
<3> cray0n*$1$
<5> rawhb. ;)
by axiom September 05, 2003
losing ones cybervirginity. doing it for the first time over a text based medium.
<tabooli> now take off your pants
<tabooli> show the camera
<tabooli> get him harder!
by axiom October 18, 2003
'eh' is just the canadian translation of the american 'huh?' or more commonly heard, 'duh?'
'Whats the square root of thirty six thousand?'

-huh?- / -duh?-

would be translated to

by axiom September 05, 2003

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