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Stocking fetishist abbreviation for old-fashioned stockings from the 40's and 50's that are knitted flat and sewn together leaving a distinctive back seam. Authentic full fashioned stockings also have a top welt made by doubling the fabric over and sewn with a small hole in the back seam called a "finishing hole".

Look, it matters to you if it matters.
"Hi, baby, are you wearing your FF stockings and your CFM pumps? I'll be right over for a little soft-core CBT..."
by Axel von Auersperg August 24, 2005
"Come Fuck Me" high heel shoes, usually black stiletto pumps at least 4" tall, with pointy toes, often patent leather; putatively worn by a woman who wants to advertise her availability for sex.
"If you wear those CFM pumps in front of me, baby, you'd better mean business."
by Axel von Auersperg December 02, 2003
Vomiting while drunk. May involve desecration of a classic sedan's pristine leather seats, but the "buick" reference actually refers to the sound you and a sick cat make.
He got her naked in the back seat on prom night, and then all that garbage pail punch made him "shoot the buick," as they say, although it was really his dad's New Yorker.
by Axel von Auersperg December 06, 2005
A sexual act in which a woman wearing high heel shoes presses or squeezes the genitalia of a man with them until he achieves climax.
"Put on your sex shoes, baby, and give me a shoe job."
by Axel von Auersperg December 02, 2003
A adult female (like Anne Heche) who has affairs with women and declares herself lesbian when young but decides later that she's really hetero and becomes a totally straight hausfrau, married, PTA, making apple pies, the works, making the 100% dykes rather bitter.

PRONOUNCED so as to rhyme with "lesbian."
Oh she was hot for pussy in college, but like so many now she's just a hasbean.
by Axel von Auersperg December 06, 2005
Stocking fetishist abbreviation for "reinforced heel & toe," just like your grandmother used to wear.
"She's really into the stocking scene. RHT, FF, PH, fishnet catsuits, she wears them all. And the shoes..."
by Axel von Auersperg August 24, 2005
Women's high heel shoes, usually at least 5 inches tall, which appeal to shoe fetishes and inspire a desire for "shoe sex" (q.v.).
"He bought me a pair of extreme heels to go with the seamed stockings he always wants me to wear."
by Axel von Auersperg December 02, 2003

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