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An MMORPG where your primary way of leveling up is spamming the shit out of a multiplayer notepad.

Common contributions include 'tasteful' entries such as "SWATISKAS!", "Hello", and advertisements for pornography sites. No, srlsy.

Disregard that it sucks cock, though, and look at the larger picture. Due to the fact that the site lacks moderators, your fastest leveling system would be to spam shit.

There are multiple in-game classes, including:
1. ASCII Art Spammer. This is the easiest class to level up in, but you're unlikely to get a party as everybody will be too busy typing over your "wonderful depiction" of a monkey to pay attention to you.
2. Chatter. Due to an infestation of retards, you're unlikely to be able to level up at all. The class is faster than most, but never is able to do anything. Enjoy one-sided conversations with people who left the site long ago until you've reached the maximum level.
3. Obscenity Shouter. This is the strongest of all classes, and is sure to be the most rewarding. By spamming things everywhere that people will (hopefully) be offended at, you'll have no competition and easily attain a maximum power level.
4. Cyberer. This class is by far the most repulsive, and comes with a "+5 Nerd" ability. Avoid it.

The site is crap, and could do with some additional bacon being added to its menu.

Also, note that there is no way to die, nor equip your "RARE EQUIPZ LOLZ" in this MMORPG.

Similar games include: Wikipedia, Vandalizing Wikis, and Suicide
Typical conversations on Yourworldoftext on this site go like this:
"------+ c"
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by Auro August 14, 2009
A band with almost no actual talent whatsoever primarily popular among teenagers in highschool.

Some of their hit songs include: "Don't Trust Me", a song where the lead singer, Lykke Li, says he is a vegetarian, "Starstrukk", a song which demonstrates the band's lack of spelling, and "I'm Not Your Boyfriend, Baby", where the singer repeatedly wants the listener to "Kill the lights".

Overall, they're just fags who everybody will hopefully get over about in the future.
Boy 1: Hey, I'm listening to this new album by 3OH!3. Want to listen to it with me?
Boy 2: What? Who are they?
Boy 1: Don't you remember? Popular in ~2009?
Boy 2: No, faggot.
Boy 1: But I remember that you had all those shir-
Boy 2: Shut up. We're not discussing this further.
#scene #highschool #techno #303 #punk #3oh!3 #3oh3
by Auro April 21, 2009
Yet another crapfest brought to you by the 'wonderful' makers of Nexon. Dungeon Fighter Online, known as DFO in abbreviated form, is a 2D side scroller beat 'em up.

You know, like Final Fight.

The game takes place in Arad, and its intro sequence seems to show that you're playing in a post apocalyptic world.

DFO was first released in Korea, and has recently been released in America. You hotkey your skills to attack, as would be expected.

You do not allocate your stats yourself, but instead only control your skill points in an attempt to make a good build.

Much to the game's genre, the graphics are intentionally nostalgic and you'll remember how you spent all of your wage at the arcade.

The game isn't bad, however. Some of its pros are that it is free to play, fast paced, and it -is- nostalgic.

However, this is outweighed by the cons of the game.

1. No free customization of sprite.
2. Repetitive.
3. Five classes, mostly gender bound.

Slayer -- Guy with a demon hand. Damage class.
Fighter -- Seemingly the "tank" of this game.
Gunner -- "Ranger". Good at ranging, sucks at anything within melee range.
Mage -- Self explanatory. Really powerful spells. Lowest amount of HP.
Priest -- Wait, what? This... is a melee class. You hit the enemy with a giant cross.

There are 4 possible job advancements per class.

If you're looking for a game in which you could experience a little nostalgia, it -might- be worth your time.
"There was a new game released by Nexon, 'Dungeon Fighter Online'. Have you tried it?" - Nexon Fan 1
"Yes. I felt like I was playing a game from ten years ago..."
"So... is that a good or a bad thing?" - Nexon Fan 2
"Dunno. It's not horrendous, but I don't think I'll be putting much time into it." - Nexon Fan 1
#mmorpg #nexon #nx #dfo #dungeon fighter #side scroller
by Auro November 09, 2009
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