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gay service that it crap. Not worth money.
Service gives away 1000s of hours that are useless.
"AOL is Gay."
"Mommy, AOL Sucks the big one"
by Auntie Kweeph June 15, 2004
Release of forceful air from a smelly overused cunt. Often sounds like a fart. Usually common in hookers.
Eww, Jane you're so gross. I heard that queef slip out.
by Auntie Kweeph June 15, 2004
An ugly super long faced heifer who tries to sing. Genuwines wife.
Looks like Amil in drag.
Dude you got a Sole forehead.
by Auntie Kweeph June 15, 2004
man with banging body but booty looks.

Very ugly man with body of Brad Pitt.

If you would rather kiss his hairy ass than his face, but still want to freak him, then he is a paper bag.

sole (fem)
bodybuilders in general
Damn. That dude is hella ugly. Wait a second, go get that paper bag.

I saw a paper bag today, body was hella hot.
by Auntie Kweeph June 15, 2004

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