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1. Burping while saying the word purple.
The six year old girl was describing her favorite color, purple, when she accidentally belched at the same time, creating a perfectly intelligible word with a burp in the middle, a burple.
#burp #purple #colors #gas #belch #belching
by August Stockton November 08, 2011
Noun. Accidentally clicking "send" in an email or text before one has completed it or finished editing it, resulting in a less satisfying or embarrassing experience for both sender and receiver. At best, results in confusing truncated messages or typos; at worst, results in social, economic or political suicide.
When trolling for a booty call late at night, Andrew forwards the same text to multiple women. He frequently suffers from premature sendulation, accidentally leaving the wrong woman's name in the text and ensuring instant rejection.

Caitlin didn't realize she'd committed premature sendulation when she sent an email thread to her manager without stripping some choice words about her boss from the thread. She was fired.
#email #text #premature ejaculation #itchy trigger finger #incomplete #edited #edit #double checked
by August Stockton August 30, 2012

1. Refusing to eat organic food because it's too expensive.
2. Skipping a meal to protest the high cost of the organic food.
3. Feeling that by consuming organic food that one is instead consuming money.
4. Pathological behavior centered on refusing to eat or avoiding organic foods.
Bob it totally organirexic. He feels there is no value in paying a premium price for organic food, so when his wife cooks him a meal, he refuses to eat it.

Ted the organirexic bought two giant clamshells of non-organic strawberries in advance of his wife's trip to the farmer's market. He knew that by bulk buying enough strawberries to fill two shelves of the refrigerator, his wife would feel too guilty to buy more strawberries at the premium organic price.
#organic #anorexic #organarexic #psychological disturbance #cheap #junk food
by August Stockton November 08, 2011
Noun. Herbs such as thyme, resveratrol, and stephania root used as antibiotics.
As an herbal medicine devotee, Nancy never uses pharmaceuticals when she has a bacterial infection; she uses plantibiotics which are equally effective and safer.
#plantibiotic #antibiotics #antibiotic #plants #herbs #herbal medicine
by August Stockton November 30, 2011

1. The condition of unsightly longer, thicker, or darker than normal hairs on someone's face. Usually most obvious in an older woman.

2. A darker hair growing out of a raised mole.
Yikes, send that woman a magnifying glass and some tweezers, she is suffering from hair apparent.

Whoa, check it out. Hair apparent coming out of the mole.
#hair #apparent #beauty #style #masculinizing #facial hair
by August Stockton November 30, 2011

1. Dying due to complications from plastic surgery.
2. Undergoing medical or medi-spa procedures to look younger.
The sixty-year old actress was youthanized; her heart stopped during her fifth face lift operation.

After the patient received her Botox injections she thanked the nurse for youthanizing her.
#plastic surgery #euthanasia #anti-aging #youthful #euthanize #simonize #euthanized
by August Stockton November 08, 2011
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