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Rating a woman on a scale of how many beers you must consume before you're willing to have sex with her, zero beers implies she's so hot no beers are necessary.
Kenny: You met Francine yet?
Dave: Why she hot?
Kenny: Zero beers, bro.
Dave: Oh wow, that hot!
by artist6000 May 28, 2014
To "man up", or start acting like man. Refers to the act of reversing the tucking (thus untucking) one's junk (i.e. penis) between one's thighs.
Kenny: I like this girl, but I am not sure sure she'll go out with me. What if she says no?
Goldie: Dude, untuck your junk from between your legs already, and ask her out!
Kenny: Okay. Goldie, will you go out with me?
Goldie: I don't appreciate this, Kenny.
by artist6000 June 09, 2010
is the same as drunkenly, which means "in a drunken manner"

It is sometimes spelled drunkenly when the person spelling it is drunk.
You really wanna know what I drunkily slurred during the game of taboo?
by artist6000 May 05, 2008

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