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A person who knows what they want and won't go for ANYTHING less.
"I don't fuck with him. He ain't got enough swagger!"

"Daaamn, you are a chooser!"


"How was the date?"

"It was good but she has a small ass!"

"Nigga you a low key chooser!"
by C1eE7u$ January 04, 2014
A person who cheats to lose a game while choosing who will win.
Jake and Scarlet's mom is a Chooser. They always win at candy land!

She ain't a Chinner she's a Chooser.
by SnJ February 23, 2014

A person who has choices and chooses, regardless of limitations.

antonym: beggar
excl. after a person chooses, "Chooser!"

"Did you see Daryll pick that paint color? What a chooser."
by BrownBearCreamBear March 05, 2016
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