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One who hates women. This term can be applied to either a woman or a man with equal effect. By the way, the proper spelling is misogynist.
The town's misogynist writes letters to the editor complaining about the fact that we let women vote and hold elected office.
by Arthur James Sloan September 19, 2003
TLD is an acronym standing for Top Level Domain. It is the part of the url that comes after the final period and before the slash. There are TLDs assigned to each country in the world, and also TLDs for commercial, military, government, educational, and other types of institutions.
The TLD for http:// www. google. com/ is .com.
by Arthur James Sloan September 19, 2003
A synonym for skunk. Geographically speaking, its usage tends to be most frequent in the Old South.
This morning, I came across a polecat and now I have a powerful stench about me.
by Arthur James Sloan September 19, 2003
The point during the orbit of a celestial body at which it is nearest its star. Typically this term is used only for planets, moons, and other similar bodies.
Whenever the Earth is at perihelion, the local pagans hold a festival.
by Arthur James Sloan September 19, 2003
(1) Los Angeles International Airport. LAX is the common international airline abbreviation.

(2) An abbreviation of the word lacrosse. Many lacrosse products will include 'laxl in their name.
(1) My flight leaves from DFW and arrives at LAX.

(2) Our school's lacrosse team is holding a fundraiser at LAX Gear in the mall.
by Arthur James Sloan September 19, 2003
An exercise in which one sprints the length of a football field, dropping at the marked 5 yard intervals to to a push-up. Typically belly flops are assigned as a punitive measure.
Football coach - "Alright, since you clowned around so much during the game that we lost, you get to do belly flops right now until I get tired!"

football team "Aww fuck man, this is gonna suck..."
by Arthur James Sloan September 19, 2003
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