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Full of Negros
"Hey you want stop at this KFC?" ..
"No dude, that's plainfield"
by Argor April 01, 2004
wh34t is an excessive form of l337. wh34t is equivalent to l337^100.
OMG! KyD is so wh34t! Everyone wants to be like him!
by Argor July 11, 2004
The singular of the word feces.

Invented by myself because I could find no singular for feces.
That Debito fool is such a fecci!
by argor March 07, 2005
The pedo yuri master of all things kiddie related. He is a master of kiddie pr0n. Oh he is teh Author of UPP as well...
-Where can I find some kiddie pr0n?
-Ask KyD!
by argor June 10, 2004
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