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The most boring place in Illinois. the worst run school system witn a retarded board of directors who want to add a million schools and raise taxes to unbelieveable heights. Constantly under construction
"i can't wait to get out of this stupid town. i want college to be here
by loserboyinplainfield June 24, 2005
Full of Negros
"Hey you want stop at this KFC?" ..
"No dude, that's plainfield"
by Argor April 01, 2004
The most boring fucking place ever. Kids die here in many ways. Driving their cars into trees, bridges and lightpoles. Next to avon Indiana. There is also alot of perving around that goes on here.
-Hey, did you hear about that kid from plainfield?
-No. Why?
-His truck exploded when he ran into a tree.
by TotalAwesomeness September 23, 2005
The Field is a place where there are many bloods and people get caught wit the heater ever so often. BDAAT
The field is a place that is BRAB-less
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
a place where u don't want to leave your car at,especially a honda or acura.
yo ma nigga u heard about the honda and acura that were stolen

joe"yea plainfield
by b18c1bori February 08, 2008
A dirty ghetto town.
Person A: "Hey where are you from?"
Person B: "Plainfield."
Person A: "Aw, that sucks"
by B A M F X June 15, 2010
The small town in central Wisconsin where Ed Gein is famed to have committed his travesties (i.e. killing two women, digging up bodies, making several trophies out of human skin, including a female bodysuit that he danced in).

Also portions of Werner Herzog's movie Stroszek were filmed here.

Besides that, it's pretty plain.
Gary: Hey, should we stop by Plainfield to see Ed Gein's house?
Bob: Didn't you know his house burned down when he was in trial?
Gary: Oh, well then never mind.
by sabersforever June 01, 2009
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