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1. A demon that emerges out of your asshole if you have anal sex.

2. A particularly nasty shit.

3. A backdoor pirate...AKA person who likes to stick their god given meat inside of other people's assholes.
Pope: "If you have anal sex the butt demon will crucify you on your toilet."

Zach: "I just left a godly butt demon in the toilet."

Rodion: "Joey is a butt demon."
Tyler: "So is Brutis."
Rodion *shudders*
by Argonak April 15, 2008
Kameo is a game by development team Rare for the Xbox 360. This game has you take the role of a fairy who can transform into several different grotesque creatures.

Even though this game is sick and perverse in nature, there is something disturbing about it that keeps its players coming back for more.
"I don't want to play Kameo." - Travis

"You have no choice." - Rodion
by Argonak April 11, 2008
1. A penis that is so erect,veiny, and powerful looking, that it can be said that it is "raging" or very angry.

2. An angry rooster (male chicken.)
After taking a double dose of viagra, the man was admited into the hospital with a case of raging cock.
by Argonak July 19, 2008
An overexagerated term for a penis. This term implies that not only does said penis exist, but that God himself gave it to the owner.

Someone who is proud of his (or hers?) penis would use this term.
I will smite you with my God given meat, in the name of all things holy!
by Argonak July 19, 2008
1. Something that is protruding and surprizing at the same time. Often the protrusion is the cause of the surprise.

2. When a woman conceals a strap-on/dildo and you are fucking or about to fuck, when suddenly she unleases her toy on your anus.

3. When you wake someone up by sticking something in their ass.
"My ass still hurts after my girlfriend decided to give me a protruding surprise..."

"Wow! What a protruding surprise!"
by Argonak April 12, 2008
This torture device, also known as the Judas Cradle, was implimented often by the Spanish Inquisition.

The victim was hoisted up by a rope and forced to sit on top of a pyramid shaped device, thereby causing rectal trauma of several kinds.
I heard that homosexuals find the Judas Chair quite pleasurefull...
by Argonak April 11, 2008
1. Delicious chicken dish involving a slab of boneless chicken which is dipped and fried.

2. A term which can describe any body part that the speaker chooses.

3. Can really be substituted for any noun that the speaker chooses...if they want to make it akward.
Fatty: "I like chicken tenders"

Pedophile: "I have chicken tenders in my basement..."

Robber: "You will put the chicken tenders in the bag!"

Druggie: "So...you got any chicken tenders?"

Drug Dealer: "You want some...chicken tenders?"
by Argonak April 11, 2008

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