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A great country rich in history, has the best food, beautiful scenery, and the gorgeous women on God's green earth. The people may come off as blunt and impatient, but once you get to know them, they're the warmest most friendly people you'll meet.
Come to Israel. You'll love the history, the fod, the natural scenery, and if you're lucky enough, the girls (or guys).

Secular Jewish Guy banging an Israeli girl he hooked up with: "Ah...this truly is the holy land. I'm never fucking leaving this country."

Terrorist: "By Allah, I would love to be caught and interrogated by that sexy Israeli soldier chick."

Pissed off Israeli guy: AAH! Get your ass out of here! Fucking tourists!
by AragornElessar September 23, 2008
Someone you bring your computer to when it's fucked in a way that you can't fix it yourself.
Oh SHIT! Now I'll have to take my computer to the guy and pay hundreds to fix it!
by AragornElessar September 08, 2008
Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart. This is, without a doubt the greatest gaming site on the internet that I've found since the downfall of XGZ in 2002. A site where we almost always discuss anything but the Final Fantasy series. FFWA is a unique place. You are likely to get in a fight with a member for a moment, and then an hour later you forgive and forget ( like me and Cloud Strife). TIt is also a place where people can insult you and you laugh because of the originality of the insult. Another good thing about FFWA is that it's a message board you always manage to come back to no matter how long you "leave" for.
FFWA, best forums ever.
by AragornElessar March 05, 2008
The only country in the world than can safely say that they're better than America, without some way for an American to refute them with the good ol', "Well considering your history, we're fucking angels."
Australia kicks your ass till shit is spewed out your dick.
by AragornElessar August 29, 2008
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