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A girl or guy who posts nearly nude pictures of him/her self on their myspace profile to get attention or find partners for sexual congress.
Horndawg: Dude, look at this girl's myspace pics! She has a killer arse.
Friend: Yeah, but that myslut will burn you.
by apoth July 06, 2007
An exclamation of victory over an opponent. Used derisively. An egotistical exclamation of conquest, but rarely if ever used in reference to sexual conquests. Typical use involves video games or fights, or contests of skill.
Has a somewhat comedic pronunciation, and may be used with the word mister for emphasis. Somewhat popular in PA, but also gaining some popularity in FL due to the tendency of northerners to travel there.
'HAha I just trashed your silly palladin in pvp. Tory Tory mister Pally!'
'Oh man, you suck at hoops. Tory Tory!'
Hah go nurse that broken jaw! Troy Tory mister mugger!'
by Apoth November 14, 2007
Crazier than Art Bell, Scientology, and the hobo who talks to himself combined.
Derived from the phrase 'lunatic fringe', the small social subset that believes in completely bizarre concepts. Off the fringe is beyond this.
To do something totally balls-to-the-wall mad that will likely get you killed is to 'go off the fringe'
'Man, those monks who set themselves on fire in Tianamen square were off the fringe!'

Steve went extreme masturbating yesterday. He jumped from a plane nude with a gallon of ky while listening to thrash metal and thought about gorillas in vinyl catsuits. That stuff is off the fringe.
by Apoth October 28, 2007
Reeves's Law states that as soon as an actor or actress stars in a comic book movie adaptation their career, talent, and sex appeal all begin a steadily accelerating decline that ends in tragedy or obscurity. The upshot of this is that they may continue to grace the cover of various publications, usually Star and Enqirer.
'How about Halle Berry as catwoman? Sounds like an example of reeve's law'
Christopher Reeve - Superman. But also
Hugh Jackman- Wolverine
Nicolas Cage- Ghost Rider
Jennifer Garner- Elektra
Thomas Jane, who's role as the Punisher caused his career to be horribly stillborn, and his predecessor Dolph Lundgren, who's portrayal was so bad it actually cause all his PREVIOUS films to become terrible and forever crippled the 80's action genre.
by Apoth November 10, 2007
To be ganked by an older woman (pc or player). Derivative of ganked + granny.Being ganied is extremely degrading, as it causes degradation from a social class typically considered too withered to be dangerous.

Torytory Rygel, you got ganied by the bald old elf!
by apoth June 23, 2007
The act of hitting someone so hard in a single blow that they expire mortally as a result. Derived from 'The Golden Compass, in which Iorek Byrnison, a giant talking battlebear king, kills an opponent by knocking off his jaw in a single blow.
Basically a one shot, but usually applied to blows about the head and neck.
An expanded interpretation allows for any sort of killing blow or devastating attack, especially while fighting at a disadvantage.
Typically used it highly dramatic circumstance.
Yesterday I was mugged by a crackhead in Tampa. Instead of handing over my ice, I said 'Go get a job, crackhead.' As he raised his knife in retaliation I punched the junkie so hard in the teeth that his jaw flew out the BACK of his SKULL. This is an excellent real life example of a bear crit.
by apoth December 09, 2007

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