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The act of masturbating whilst really high so that when you jizz all the blood rushes from your head and you pass out. May be hard to achieve.

Also known as Jacking Black.
X: "Ben and I tried Knocking Off last night"
Y: "No Way! You guys are crazy! Any success?"
X: "Yep, I totally Knocked Off!! Ben didn't manage to though. It really isn't easy!"
by Jacking it in San Diego April 18, 2015
Fumbling about and goofing off, being as unproductive as possible, usually when something important needs to be done such as filing the paperwork Johnson handed you before lunch.
Also can refer to when someone is annoying the shit out everybody within a 50 foot radius, all the while thinking they are in fact making others laugh.
"Man we need to get this project finished, ASAP"
"Yeah but we'll never get it done, Zack is over there knocking off."

(Kid is dancing down an obviously crowded hallway and bumps into someone trying to mind their own business)
"Hey man quit knocking off!!!"
by MissQueen_A March 20, 2014
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