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The phrase 'not happy Jan' was popularised by an Australian Telstra ad realised in 2002. It quickly entered the Aussie vernacular.
It is used when someone is pissed off at another person (who doesn't necessarily need to be called Jan) for stuffing up in a stupid way and has inconvenienced you - but is used when more annoyed than actually angry.
Argh! I can't believe that the postman hasn't delivered my package today! NOT HAPPY JAN!
by ApexB September 11, 2005
Aussie slang meaning to 'give it a go'
Aww, that jigsaw puzzle doesn't look too hard... Let me have a crack at it!
by ApexB October 04, 2005
zorse: a cross between a zebra and a horse
z(ebra) + (h)orse
wow, that zorse has stripes, yet looks suprisingly like a horse! Fully sick!
by ApexB September 12, 2005
The type of pussy you see on old women you are forced to do gynaecological examinations on, but heaps don't want to.
JJB: I've been doing pelvic exams all day. That's some nasty nasty puss.
by ApexB September 12, 2005
That's porn refers to something that is really good, but in an edgy way.
You can also use it in the opposite sense, i.e. "that's not porn".
Hey, look at that tarzan wave -- that's porn.
Hey, I can't believe you just saved that guy from dying of a stangulated inguinal hernia -- that's porn.
by ApexB September 11, 2005
to 'do a Josh' is when a guy goes after a girl that they really like, but the girl has a boyfriend. Therefore their groundwork is in vain.
Hey, I saw Fred do a Josh the other day - he's not going to get anywhere with that chick!
by ApexB October 04, 2005
A quick way of saying 'stupid bitch'.
What the hell is that stubitch doing?
What a stubitch.
by ApexB September 29, 2005

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