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A way to describe females that have perfect to extraordinary amounts of booty. They are those special creatures that have a nice rounded (sometimes plumply firm, yet never sloppy) jiggle-booty that looks great in jeans and short-shorts. These women never, and can't ever suffer from, or experience the effects of, noassitol syndrome.

A woman that possesses features opposite that of a longback.
Kyle: Uhoh...here comes Jasmine..
Rick: Oh snap....
*they both smile in front of her, then stare her down intently after she passes by*
Kyle: Whew....did you see that ass in them jeans????
Rick: Good lord...she had cakes for days--im in love.
by Anubikai June 01, 2006
A phrase/suffix added at the end of sentences to imply the severe urgency of a situation. It can also be added to suggest the high speed of which an action is completed.

The house was on fire so Nate had to jump off the roof with the quickness.

Sandy was 30 minutes late for work, so she had to get dressed with the quickness.

Jason: DAAAAAYUM...You see that broad right there??
Keith: Yeah...she got cakes for days...
Jason: Yo, you need to scoop her up...with the quickness.
by Anubikai June 01, 2006
1. A term used to describe women who lack a definable posterior.
1a. A girl/woman with noassatall syndrome.
1b. The opposite of bootilicious.
1c. Lacking in the booty department. A person devoid of a sufficient amount of jelly in the booty, giving the appearance of their back extending further than it really does. Hence, longback.
I've seen black girls, latin girls, and even white girls that got that booty. But asian girls? They're mostly longbacks.

Ray: "Damn...I need some ass tonight!...let's see...
Mike: "Hey what about that one over there? *points to some 45 yr old woman*
Ray: "Ew what? She's not even a MILF. You tryna sabotage me?? She's a longback for christ sake!"
by Anubikai March 15, 2006
Noun. 1. An inhabitant of New York, New York that was actually born and raised on Manhattan Island itself.
1a. One that is a native of the borough of Manhattan, with intentions to continue living in Manhattan, alongside fellow boroughbreds, imports, and non-boroughbred New Yorkers.
1b. Young children that have already learned how to hail a cab at 9 months of age.

Adj. 2. Used to describe people who don't believe in the NYC subway system or walking more than a half-block to their destination; instead will employ the use of taxis--even if its to the next Starbucks up the street--or the one across from that.
Tom was born in Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side, went to a P.S. in the city through highschool, now lives and works in SoHo; therefore, he is boroughbred.

Alex: "Yea man I go to Columbia University now. I decided to stay here since I've lived in NY all my life."
James: "Where are you from?--originally?"
Alex: Staten Island
James: "You're so not boroughbred..."
by Anubikai March 09, 2006

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