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Noun. 1. An inhabitant of New York, New York that was actually born and raised on Manhattan Island itself.
1a. One that is a native of the borough of Manhattan, with intentions to continue living in Manhattan, alongside fellow boroughbreds, imports, and non-boroughbred New Yorkers.
1b. Young children that have already learned how to hail a cab at 9 months of age.

Adj. 2. Used to describe people who don't believe in the NYC subway system or walking more than a half-block to their destination; instead will employ the use of taxis--even if its to the next Starbucks up the street--or the one across from that.
Tom was born in Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side, went to a P.S. in the city through highschool, now lives and works in SoHo; therefore, he is boroughbred.

Alex: "Yea man I go to Columbia University now. I decided to stay here since I've lived in NY all my life."
James: "Where are you from?--originally?"
Alex: Staten Island
James: "You're so not boroughbred..."
by Anubikai March 09, 2006
Anybody born and raised in one of NYC's outer boroughs
He's not a rich Upper West side kid. That dude was born and raised in the Bronx, straight borough bred.
by Bronxyo February 21, 2015
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