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6 definitions by Antwone

where iz tha bud or basically sayin where is the weed
Yo where iz tha bud at homie?
by antwone August 19, 2004
12 8
sumone haz deep pocketz or a lot of cash or money
"Do they have deep pocketz"
"Reaalll Deep!!"
by Antwone August 23, 2004
5 5
tha sorriest krew i ever heard of
hell boys suck dick!!!!
by Antwone August 27, 2004
9 12
a type of weed or cannibis
Dude i have only sum of the bomb stress!
by Antwone March 04, 2005
1 6
a person that tellz another person 2 kiss their ass
hey u, no not u, u , suck my butt
by antwone August 19, 2004
18 27
sum1 who getz high smokin da kronic and sum1 who jus spendz their time blazin it on their own couch while watchin tv.
"hey fool!! wut u doin"
"Blazin it and watchin tha game homez"
by antwone August 19, 2004
12 70