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167 definitions by Anthony

When a girl sucks your dick and rubs an ice cube on it at the same time.
last night my grandma gave me an icemissile.
by Anthony March 15, 2005
The act of bringing home a shit pig from a bar, restaurant, Chuck-a-palooza or a highway gas station with the intent of fornicating with the beast. Sometimes this crime against humanity can turn into a long-term shitpig-o-rama lasting for weeks.
Holy shit, if Jack does not man down on this shitpiggery he will have to burn his bed sheets.
by anthony February 19, 2005
A person that "deletes" or beats the shit outta someone, a deleta.
Yo, that nigga was a deleta last night! He deleted that son of a bitch!
by Anthony November 29, 2004
Medium to small bird, various species generally closely related to the Parrot species. Regulary misused by Americans who call their budgerigars 'parakeets'.
American: "I have a parakeet"
Me: "Cool, what sort of bird is it?"
American: "A parakeet"
Me: "No dumbass, its a budgerigar."
by Anthony January 07, 2004
person of any race that committs a crime
these goddam shittums are runnin wild tonight.
by anthony May 19, 2005
pot,weed,bud,dank. Another slang for marijuana.
lets go smoke some dankee.
by Anthony April 07, 2004
When you get caught looking at guy porn in Graphic Arts.
Jaber was seen with Porno Boy last night.
by Anthony March 13, 2004