42 definitions by Anonymus

Someone who's so sharp, she cuts herself
Damn that chikeeta, she fyne
by Anonymus December 30, 2004
mollyjoy is the word for someone who plays bongo songs and practices her ghetto moves at the same time. she is the kind of girl who laughs at her librarian... shes pretty much the coolest girl i know. shes the type to hang out with virginians and inherit their ways
molly- that's cool, but, im looking for more virginia. hey will vanessa take me to dunkin donuts? you look really cute today. i lovee your jumper.
by Anonymus January 12, 2005
v. 1. To have qualities of a hobo. 2. To sleep or spend much time on a park bench. 3. To be mistaken for a hobo.

also: park bench, park benched, and park bencher(one who park benches)
Man Jesse, you're such a park bencher! Always park benching!
by anonymus August 06, 2003
one helluva dude
kinda like stud
The guy is such a brud
by anonymus January 18, 2005
A loud hairy kuwait soccer player
Ur as loud as a jadd
by Anonymus May 03, 2003
a way of saying Brad (often used by Fromos)
Be-Rad is a fag, or have you seen Be-Rad today? No, man
by Anonymus March 21, 2005
Enfos Team Survival!!!
A fun and popular warcraft 3 map.
I am Going to play Enfos Team Survival because it is fun - ME!?!
by anonymus July 22, 2004
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