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42 definitions by Anonymus

when a guy has sex w/ a girl on her period, the spirm and the blood together look like a candycane
he candycaned her
by anonymus June 26, 2004
country fucked chicken
thats some good kfc
by Anonymus August 09, 2003
road kill
thats some good mcdonalds
by Anonymus August 09, 2003
a store were only skinny boney white girls with no asses can fit into the clothes.A store were people go 2 spend $50 on a pair of ripped up jeans.
girl:do u want 2 go shopping at hollister?
other girl:no way y would i wear clothes with holes in it.
by Anonymus February 12, 2005
A person who thinks they are better than anyone in school. Also, a person who is sensitive and doesn't like when people talk about them, but talks about other people behing their backs.
"Jessie Krupka is a straight-up prep!"
by Anonymus May 15, 2004
A word that I came up with in my sleep probably in a different manner then these other guys.

A)Used it an exclamitory form such as "Holy Bitchtits!"
B)Really ugly tits, or a way of insulting guys by telling them they have man boobs
"Holy Bitchtits batman, your a fuggin pedophile!"

"Stop playing with your bitchtits and do something!"
by anonymus November 09, 2003
Yeah the men come out of the ceiling. Yeah ya like men hahn? Hahn? Yeah ya like that!
Alex Emling uses the term "men" way too much while speaking.
by Anonymus April 04, 2005